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Briar's Choice (Story)
in Briar and Ashlynn's dorm, Briar and Ashlynn were getting ready to continue with the preparation. Ashlynn puts on her glass shoes.
Ashlynn: I can't wait to begin decorating the school for Topsy Turvy day!
Briar: Buster said that it's one of the best days of the year, beside Christmas,  Easter,  Valentines,  Thanksgiving,  Halloween. .....
Ashlynn: Well, come on! We've got three more days to work on the party and remember, you promised Kari you help her paint her picture?
Briar: I'll be there. You go on ahead, let me finish my skirt.
Ashlynn: Okay, see yah downstairs. 
Ashlynn left the dorm, as Briar finish sewing her skirt especially made for the party, but she accidentally pricks her finger!
Briar: OWW! My finger!! (puts her finger in her mouth to stop the pain, then gasps) Oh, Friz!
Briar falls asleep on her bed, snoring.
In the gymnasium,  everyone is getting things setup for the Topsy-Turvy Day! Owen is filling up balloons,  Sherman and Theodore are setting up the streamers, Nerine and Ginger are baking goodies for the upcoming party, Leni is getting costumes ready, Lisa is checking the lights,and Kari is finger painting her picture.
Kari: So, what do you guys think? ( as Kari shows everyone her picture of all of them on Topsy-Turvy day having fun.)
Hunter: Kari, that's look cool!!
Theodore: Neato!!
Devin: That's great, Kari!!
Lucy: It's too cheerful for my taste, but it looks okay to me.
Kari: I spent all day today painting this and I am almost done. I left some unfinished stuff for Briar to help with, like she promised. 
Leshawna: Where is that girl anyway?
Plucky: My guess, she fell asleep again.
Lynn: Maybe she fell asleep in the toilet, again! ( she and Plucky snicker as they high five.)
Sierra: ( tries to call her) She's not answering her phone.
Ashlynn: I am so sorry,  Kari.
Kari: Oh, I was hoping Briar would help me.
Kurumu: Well, what would you expect from the daughter of Sleeping Beauty?
Lisa: Correct.  Her sleep depravity is rate on the scale of 1 to 5 that she would go sleep at anytime of the day. It's quite predictable of her, actually. 
Leshawna: Don't you worry, Baby Girl. Leshawna will help you finish your painting.
Kari: Okay, thanks, Leshawna. 
Ashlynn had a sad face knowing that Kari was upset. Later that evening, Ashlynn came back into their dorm and see Briar snoring on her bed. Shaking her head, Ashlynn went over to tried and wake Briar, by shaking her first, then, tapping on her head. Then, she pulls out an alarm clock and out came a little yellow bird that look at Briar and shouted"""WAKE UP!!!!!" And just like that, Briar opened her eyes and fell to the floor!
Briar: Oh, no! How long have I been asleep?
Ashlynn: Well, you missed helping Kari.
Briar: No, I really thought I was going to be there for her this time.
Ashlynn: It's okay, Briar. it...
Briar: No, it's not okay! It's bad enough I fell asleep while everyone was working hard, but I broke a promise to one of my closest friends. Is this what's it going to be like when I sleep for a hundred years? I'm going to miss out on all the fun, the adventures, the craziness and all of my old and new friends. And I won't be there for Kari.
Ashlynn: You always knew this was coming,  that you would be the next Sleeping Beauty.
Briar: I know, but the more I really think about it, the more real it feels.
Ashlynn: Well, you still haven't sign the Storybook of Legends in awhile.
Briar:( gasp) Ashlynn! !!
Ashlynn: (as she walks over to a window sill.) Look, Brair, you're not the first to question your destiny. I mean I already signed and I kinda wished I hadn't. ( sighs as she looks at a picture with her and Hunter) I have absolutely no idea what could happen to me and Hunter.
Briar: Are you saying I shouldn't sign? That I should "rebel"?
Ashlynn: What I'm saying is that you have choices, everyone has choices. 
Briar look out the window as she sees her friends have fun and talking about the day they had down below. Briar thinks and wonders if she wants to sleep for a hundred years or spend the rest of her life with her friends. Later, that night in Briar and Ashlynn's dorm room. Briar was sleeping, but tossing and turning. Inside her dream, all of her friends are playing volleyball in the courtyard with Buster on Gwen's shoulders, Raz on Rey's Shoulders, Lynn on Luna's shoulders and Kari urges Briar to come play. But, when Briar starts to run over, she is not moving, instead she is going backwards. And right behind her in a glowing spindle wheel in a dark, black background!!! Briar gasps and tried to crawl back where her friends from, Owen, Wasabi, Baymax, Caitlin, Jude, Kurumu, Mizore, Raven, Dexter, Hunter, Maddie, Hiro, Luna, Luan, Ashlynn, Kairi, Lynn, Lucy, Sherman, Buster, Babs, Lincoln, Lola, Lana, T.K., and Kari make a ladder to reach out to her. Briar tries to take Kari's hand, but she keeps moving far away from her and getting closer and closer to the spindle wheel. Briar's right hand  is reaching the spindle and she tries to stop her hand from reach to the spindle, but she puts her finger on the spindle!! And then a flash of light, back in her room, Briar gasps, inhaling and exhaling. She looked around, she was still in her bed, with Ashlynn on the other side still sleeping her her bed, then she checks her finger and it was clear of blood. Realizing it was only a dream, she falls flat on her pillow trying to go back to sleep, but still wondering about her choice. 
The next morning,  Hiro is banging on the bathroom door, and behind him are Kari, Briar, Lola in her jeep, Plucky, Luan, Skippy, Yukari, Lynn, Owen, and Ashlynn in pajamas and robes, holding their hygiene supplies, waiting in line.
Hiro: Come on, Kurumu! You've been in there for ten minutes now! 
Kurumu: ( in the bathroom) There are nineteen other bathrooms in this school!
Plucky: Well, they're all taken already! 
Yukari: And other people have to get ready for class!!
Lola: So, hurry up!!!
Owen: Yeah, I gotta go real bad, of course I never pee in the shower. ( chuckles nervously,  Ashlynn just raise an eyebrow suspiciously at him.) Okay, I would.
Luan: Gee, I guess you're( urine) in a tight spot, uh Owen?( laughs, as everyone else groans in annoyance) Oh, come on, you guys! That was funny!
Briar: Hey, Kari.
Kari: Hi, Briar. 
Briar: Kari, look, I want to say I'm sorry for not helping you with your painting. I accidentally fell asleep and...
Kari: It's alright,  Briar. 
Brair: It's alright? Seriously? 
Kari: Yeah, you are the next Sleeping Beauty and I kinda gotten use to it by now. It is your destiny. 
Briar: But, I........
Kurumu:( out of the bathroom in a robe and a towel over her head) Okay, done!
Hiro: Finally! Be out in five! ( Hiro runs in and closes the door)
Plucky: Don't use all the hot water, dude!!
Briar looks at Ashlynn concerned when she should wait tell Kari what she wants her life to be because right now wouldn't be the best time right in front of everyone. Ashlynn just shrugs.
Later in the cafeteria,  all the students prep and dressed,  were eating breakfast with all sorts of great stuff to eat. 
Owen: Mmmh, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and lunch, oh, oh, and dinner. Ooo, ooo, and especially dessert! !
Nerine: (giggles) Well, I hope you guys like this.( Nerine brought out a dish big square like egg with pecks of red, green and orange in it.)
Lincoln: What is it?
Nerine: It's a special egg dish I'm trying out. Got it from a recipe book, hope it's good.
They all took a piece of Nerine egg dish with their forks and chew on it.
Owen ( heavenly sighs) Yummy!!
Babs: Nerine, this is really good!!
Nerine: You really think so??
Maddie:( silly giggle) It's super duper hatastic!!!!
Luna: Yeah!!!! Superb job on the grub, dudette!!
Mike: You should totally be a cook for a job!!!
As everybody complicated on Nerine's egg dish, she blush with joy knowing her friends really like her cooking. Ashlynn look at Briar looking sad, just playing with her food, not eating it at all. Ashlynn went over to Briar and talk to her so no one would hear her, especially Blondie.
Ashlynn: If you want to talk to Kari, do it now.
Briar gave a big sigh and went over to where Kari was sitting.
Briar: Hey, Kari, you want to go for a walk?
Kari: Okay, what for?
Brair: Just to get a little fresh air.
Kari: Okay, but not too long. I want to get some donuts before everyone eats them all.
Briar and Kari walk out to cafeteria door and into the Enchanted Forest for a good 10 minutes, Brair Beauty and Kari were now walking back the trail to school. Kari was chasing a butterfly trying to catch it, but it keeps get away. Briar smiles hearing Kari giggle trying to catch the butterfly,  but her heart is broken that she has to tell Kari about what she wants.
Briar: Um... (clears throat) Kari, honey, there's something I have to tell you. something very important. 
Kari: What's that, Briar? ( she stops chasing the butterfly) 
Brair: First, I want to say again I am so sorry about not helping you with your painting project yesterday. 
Kari: Briar, I told you already.  I'm not mad, I was a little upset, but I should have expect that you fall asleep unannounced. You are the next Sleeping Beauty, it's your destiny. 
Briar: But that's the thing, Kari. I think I don't want my destiny.
Kari: But, I thought you want to be the next Sleeping Beauty.
Briar: I know, but the more I fall asleep unexpectedly,  the more real it feels and I finally get it.( picks up Kari) Kari, listen, I don't want to sleep my life away and lose all of my friends,  old and new. While you guys graduate,  find jobs, fall in love, get married,  settle down, have a family and enjoying the best years of your lives, I'm going be all alone.( started to cry) Never getting to know how you little munchkins turned out, never get to see my friend.........( Briar sheds a tear from left eye, but Kari wipes it away with her thumb)
Kari: I really don't care what you choose, as long if you're happy,  that all I care about.
Briar: You're not mad at me for choosing to stay awake? 
Kari: Yeah!!! And besides, it'll be more fun if you're still awake to be with us.
Briar: So, still friends?
Kari: Best friends. Promise?
Briar: I promise. 
Briar and Kari hug and then she puts Kari down.
Briar: Race ya back?
Kari: Yeah, I wanna show you my painting anyway! Plus, I just hope Owen didn't eat all of the donuts. 
Both giggle as they run back to school.
Faragonda and Merlin
The old masters at magic, one is a headmaster at Alfea Loonaversity and the other is a bumbling wizard of the Magic Kingdom.
Alejandro's big brother, better at everything, sports, academics and even personal grooming and always calls him" Al".
With Phineas and Ferb, you can do anything you want, especially in animation. The idea of what could you do over summer vacation with building a million different idea had me, and at that minute, we had to get these characters in Buster and Company as well. The simple thing in the show is these stepbrothers, starting with Phineas whose is the thinker, the man with the plan, the dreamer imagines what are they going to do and along with Ferb, the doer, the guy who can do anything and I mean anything, together they can make that impossible thing possible, but of course, Candace, who's their older sister always trys to bust them, with her best friend, Stacy who is more into Phineas and Ferb's fun days and loves anything exciting. Always, back to Candace, because they never get caught doing anything wrong, but she see these as a opportunity to get them in trouble. Phineas and Ferb usually get help from their friends, Isabella, the sweet, cute girl next door, leader of the Fireside Girls and obvious crush on Phineas, Baljeet, the scientific Indian American boy who has a knack of just thinking about the situation if anything goes wrong, and Buford, the bully with a soft spot especially for his pet goldfish, Biff. But, the b-plot gets more interesting, because the boys' pet platypus, Perry is really a secret agent that goes off and fights his nemesis, the not so evil Dr. Heinz Doofensmirtz who comes up with the most ridiculous idea how to take over the Danville, which can also help with Buster and Company episodes with filler. This show speak to everyone who is 6 or 60, it can bring anything to the table, great stories, great characters, great dialogue, great songs, great comedy. And anyone who can dream the most impossible dream can do it, I think that is what Phineas and Ferb is saying to alot of young people out there.


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